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Petrochemical Powder Pelletizing and Powder Modification

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Rich and reasonable downstream equipments realize homogenization, sieving, drying & cooling until automatic packing smoothly.

Automatic underwater cutting system can produce round pellet with high automation, the closed system has no emission of smoke and dust to environment and can adapt to various capacity requirements, available brands including ECON、BKG、Gala,Local made CGC、Ronghong etc.

Raw material are fed into twin screw extruder via accurate LIW feeders separately with high automation and flexibili- ty to adjust formulation,available brands including Kubota、Brabender、K-Tron、Schenck、Colotronic and Local made Lingood、Transcell etc.


Modular twin screw extruder equipped with super high torque gearbox(available brands including Flender and Henschel from Germany、Zambello from Italy、Local made Changx- in and Zhitian etc.), wear resistant & corrosive resistant barrels and screw elements, high torque shaft and safety clutch, efficient heating and precise control to ensure stable, reliable and long term production.

High-efficiency and energy-saving motors can maximize the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy. The W21 Magnet drive system is composed of a permanent magnet motor and inverter with Super Premium IE4 (GB1) efficiency and Ultra Premium IE5 efficiency, which is perfectly suitable for speed regulation, low Applications with stringent requirements such as precise rotational speed control, low noise and compact design, available brands including WEG、Siemens, it can be low voltage, 6kV or 10kV.


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