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Mainly suitable for final specification 300-600 D

The design of the utility model overcomes the defects of the existing technology. The original design of 2 single strands of 300D and 600D is the old design, and a new single-component design is introduced to improve the output. Uniform front dismountable quenching chamber and unique nozzle type oil adding device. Which can meet the requirements of customers in other countries ni Turkey for thick carpet silk.


300-600D polyester silk, the product has high strength, light weight, small thermal shrinkage rate, flame retardant, good elasticity, not easy deformation, anti-aging, in the sun has a flash, polyester cotton, polyester wool, polyester and polyester viscose clothing and clothing are its products, widely used in carpet, clothing, decoration, industry and so on.


Auxiliary equipment: conveying system, crystallization drying system, air conditioning system and cooling system to ensure the quality of spinning, automatic winding and packaging three-dimensional warehouse is realized, and fully automatic process operation in the production process of polyester filament.



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