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DYSSG Series Pipe Crusher and Shredder Unit

Place of Origin:CHANGZhou China
Brand Name:Dyun
Model Number:DYSS
Certification:CE ISO
Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
Packaging Details:Pallet Packing
Delivery Time:80 days
Payment Terms:TTLC

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Place of Origin:CHANGZhou China
Brand Name:Dyun
Model Number:DYSS
Certification:CE ISO

● DYSSG series shredders can be used for shredding PE, PP and PVC pipes with a diameter of 1600MM. Pipes with a length of 3-6M can be directly crushed without splitting. The rotation speed is stable. After being placed into the horizontal feeding trough, pipe can be pushed into the center of the by hydraulic propulsion as the feeding trough closed automatically. The shredded material is brought into the crusher by a conveyor for secondary crushing for the required broken granule size.

● The main advantage of the DYSSG series shredder system is that it saves a lot of segmentation labor and sawing waste, saves energy and reduces consumption. It is safe and efficient. The whole system is controlled by the PLC central control system.


As a tough and resilient material capable of lasting 100 years or more with minimal maintenance, HDPE pipe has proven to be superior to many other piping materials as a means transporting and distributing potable water. HDPE pipe’s long service life and low maintenance costs, coupled with its’ ability to be installed with a variety of trench-less technologies leads to HDPE pipe having the lowest life cycle costs of any potable water piping system. HDPE pipe is the ideal piping solution for public and private potable water systems. HDPE pipe features a service life of over 100 years and has the versatility to perform in a variety of conditions. HDPE pipe provides a logical, low-maintenance investment in municipal and private potable water applications.Contact us today to speak to a customer service representative about how HDPE water pipe could benefit your next project.

应用场景6    应用场景2    应用场景1

ModelRotor Dia.(mm)Drive Power(kw)Shreddable Pipe Dia. Max.(mm)Output(kg/h)

Model Feed Mouth Size(mm)Main Motor Power(kw)Rotor Blade(pcs.)Fixed Blade(pcs.)Rotor Dia.(mm)Output(kg/h)
DYPS-P 700 700×7002264Φ500500
DYPS-P 800 800×8004564Φ600700
DYPS-P 1000 1000×80075104Φ7001000
DYPS-P 1200 1200×1000110144Φ8001500
DYPS-P 1500 1500×1200160184Φ10002000
Competitive Advantage

Performance and advantage:
This production line adopts the most advanced technology of Europe. It is a new research achievement of energy-saving production line, which is suitable for high speed extrusion of HDPE,PP and other polyolefin pipe. Compared with common production line, the energy-saving effect reach on 35%, and the product efficiency increase more than 1 times, thus it is not only saving the cost of site and labor force, but also improving efficiency.
This production line has nice appearance, higher automagical degree ,production reliable and stable.

Packing & Shipping

All Jwell Machines will be packed by wooden pallet. For some important spare parts, we will pack with the wooden box. So that the machines and spare parts can arrive at Chinese customer safely. We kindly request our customer to buy the insurance before shipping the containers.

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Q1: How can  I order and make payments?
A1: Once clear your requirements and determined extrusion line is ideal for you. We will send technical solutions and Proforma Invoice to you. You can pay via TT bank transfer, LC as you like.

Q2: If we find your bank account or email different as before, how should we respond?
A2:  Please don't send the payment and double check with us before arrange payment (Bank details will be listed in every piece of proforma invoice. ) 

Q3: How long is the delivery date?
A3: Usually it takes about 1 - 4 months depends on different machinery upon receipt of order advance payment.

Q4: What is your Minimum Order Quantity?
A4:  One. We provide both customized extrusion lines and technical solutions. Welcome contact with us for technical innovation or improvements for your future purchasing plan.   


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