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PVC Environmental Water Retaining Board

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Performanc and advantages: The extruder of this extrusion line is the special designed SJZ80 and SJZ92 conical twin-screw extruder, which adopts the imported temperature controlling gauges with features of high precision temperature controlling and easy and reliable operation. The vacuum calibration table is equipped with the strong cooling device which ensures the cooling effect. The haul off unit is equipped with the precise reduction motor and inverter, having the advantages of reasonable structure,powerful and stable haul off force. The cutter has the reliable and accurate cutting effect. The stacker has the movable stacking trolley and special made rubber protection layer to prevent the product from being scratched. The downstream equipment of this extrusion line uses the programmable computer or domestic famous controlling system.



• River and flood-land environment projects: soil and water ecological transformation, artificial lake banks, river embankment revetment projects;

• Disaster prevention and mitigation projects: flood control, landslide prevention, leakage prevention, debris flow prevention, wind and sand prevention, etc.;

• The agricultural land and irrigation project: aquaculture, irrigation channels , construction and maintenance of small and medium-sized reservoirs and dams;

• Municipal traffic engineering: roadbed protection, tunnel, culvert, pipeline laying, road construction, port wharf, dock construction;

• Marine development projects: coastal dam enclosure, breakwater wall, saline-alkali land, foundation enclosure construction of marine aquaculture bases, etc.;

• Construction engineering: foundation pit support, slope protection, soil retaining, fence, flower pond, anti-seepage wall, water-stop cofferdam, foundation treatment, underground parking lot, sewage treatment, etc.



Introduction of indoor and outdoor environmental decoration materials:

o Indoor floor adopting SPC, LVT floor

o Outdoor floor adopting PE WPC floor

o Indoor wall adopting WPC integrated wall board and line decoration

o Outdoor wall adopting PVC and ASA co-extrusion outer wall hanging board

o Window adopting PVC profile structure

o The door and partition wall adopting PVC wood-plastic structure

o Cabinet chooses PVC foaming board assembling structure

o Roof adopting PVC and ASA resin co-extrusion

oThe outer door wall adopting aluminum-plastic composite board


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