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TPU Invisible Braces Sheet Production Line

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TPU invisible braces is a new 3D computer technology that customizes a series of nearly undetectable clear trays to complete the entire orthodontic procedure. Whether it is due to crowded teeth, gaps, or teeth that have shifted after traditional treatment, you can definitely regain a brighter smile.


Aesthetics: Almost completely invisible. You will complete your orthodontic treatment without anyone noticing, solving many patients' aesthetic concerns about straightening their teeth.

Comfort: Without brackets, wires and other orthodontic devices in the traditional sense, the ortho- dontic process is no longer painful. There is minimal irritation and discomfort to periodontal tissues.

Convenience: You can take them off and on without interfering with socializing, eating or exercis- ing. At the same time, the number of follow-up visits is reduced, saving your valuable time.

Easy to clean: Oral hygiene is easy to maintain without worrying about gingivitis, tooth deminer- alization, discoloration, etc.



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