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TPU Film & Sheet Extrusion Line

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TPU material features excellent kink resistance, elasticity and flexibility. The internal pressure resistance is much higher than that of PVC, the transparency is better than that of PVC / EVA and TPO, high chemical resistance. Gamma ray and ETO can be used for sterilization, the drug adsorption is low and easy to bond. It is an ideal material for manufacturing a variety of medical equipment, including various infusion tubes, infusion tube drip, implants and other short-term applications.

The invisible appliance made of safe and transparent elastic polymer material is used for treatment. Compared with the traditional fixed appliance, it does not need bracket and steel wire, the clinical operation is greatly simplified, the correction process is time-saving and labor-saving,and the whole treatment process can be completed without others' awareness, without affecting daily life and social interaction. Invisible orthodontics is a high and new science and technology in the field of orthodontics, which breaks the limitations of traditional orthodontics.JWELL supplies whole line for TPU tooth socket sheet extrusion line.

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