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PP、HIPS、APET electronic pallet thermoforming sheet production line

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Electronic pallet are widely used in the packaging and transportation of precision electronic products, such as LCD screens, precision circuit boards, camera lenses, LED products, etc. The production line adopts Siemens PLC and touch screen linkage, which can be operated and monitored remotely. It can be configured according to customer requirements and highly customized to meet different customer needs. The rollers are made of alloy steel thin-walled rollers with special internal spiral flow channels to meet the requirements of high output on the cooling speed of the rollers. High -precision melt pump to improve the accurate measurement of materials and product quality. Waste edge on-line crushing and collecting device facilitates the collection of cutting edge waste and saves labor. Constant tension winding device can improve the tidiness and beauty of winding.

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Main technical parameters

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