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PEEK/PPS/PEI/PSU and other special plastic plate, rod and pipe production lines

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Characteristics of production line

1. the production line adopts integrated design, with compact structure and easy operation.

2. the screw structure of the extruder is specially designed for PEEK and other special plastics. The screw barrel is made of special imported alloy steel, with high strength, corrosion resistance and no shedding to ensure product quality.

3. the sizing table adopts a new sizing structure, which is convenient for online adjustment of center height and process temperature.

4. the tractor adopts damping design, and the power is controlled by servo motor and star reducer to realize stable operation.

5. the cutting machine adopts imported motor and saw blade. The specially designed program and customized saw blade can prevent the product from edge collapse during cutting.

6. the whole machine adopts Siemens PLC and touch screen linkage, which can be operated and monitored remotely.

7. it has strong versatility. By changing the mold, the same production line can be used for plate, bar, thick wall pipe, etc.

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Main engine rate of revolution 10-49r/min 10-28r/min
Main motor power11kw 15kw
Capacity (Max.)20KG/H20KG/H


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