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Three Layers (Two Layers) of Medical Light-proof Infusion Tube Extrusion Line

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This series of equipment adopts two machines co extrusion structure based on characteristics of light- proof tube,

which consists of three layers or two layers of coextrusion dedicated die, vacuum forming cooling tank, servo haul off and cutting machine and belt conveyor. Customer can choose online track outside diameter gauge. High efficient plastification and precise control of die and flow enable lightproof tube to bond well.This equipment with replacement of special mold can suitable for OD20 double-layer coextrusion flat mouth dripping bucket(inner layer thickness is 0.2mm ~ 0.25mm, the outer layer thickness is 0. 65mm ~ 0.7 mm), Avoid adjustment mold structure, inner and outer layer uniform distribution, mold flowing channel with no dead Angle, quick and convenient dismantle, improve produc- tion efficiency.

· Applicable tube diameter: OD1.5-0D20mm

· Applicable materials: PVC compounds, PVC light- -proof compounds and TPU compounds for medical application.



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