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Precision Single Screw Extrusion Line Extracorporeal Blood Tube(Dialysis Tube)and Blood Transfusion Tube

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This series of equipment is designed for high demand of hemodialysis material, which consists of auto loader, high output precision single screw extrusion main machine, special extrusion die,lengthening vacuum forming cooling tank, servo haul-off and cutting machine and conveyor.Customer can choose online precision outside diameter gauge; We can provide comprehensive technical support, operation training, prompt follow-up and perfect after-sales service according to different user's specific application requirements.

· Speed: Haul-off unit power can adopt Japan MITSUBISHI servo motor with imported reducer to change speed and deliver different pulling force and drive stability.

· Complete unit is easy to operate, the appearance can be made of stainless steel according to customers require- ments to meet the standards of 100-thousand-grade clean workshop.


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