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JWELL Will Attend Global Biodegradable Plastics Exhibition in Hainan on 23th-25th,June. Welcome to visit us!

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On 23th, June,2021, During the Biodegradable plastic exhibition, JWELL Machinery will bring the PLA/PET environmental protection sheet production line core parts of the three-roll calendering machine and other exhibits to the Hainan Biodegradable Plastics and Application Exhibition, to provide the industry with advanced technical experience, is committed to providing customers with high performance, high efficiency of advanced equipment.

Bio degradable material

PLA sheet1

At present, the mainstream biodegradable plastics in the market include PLA, PBAT and so on. Each step of the treatment of these biodegradable plastics is very important.JWELL machinery can not only provide customers with excellent extrusion equipment, more is the accumulation of rich process experience.Through in-depth cooperation with leading enterprises in the field of biodegradable materials, JWELL  Machinery has accumulated certain process experience and technical foundation in the PLA and PBAT fields, so as to better provide customers with high-quality solutions and create more value.


PBAT sheet2

PLA sheet2

The complete set of biodegradable plastic equipment provided by JWELL Machinery provides mature, stable and high-quality overall extrusion solutions for customers in the fields of agriculture, food packaging, tableware, logistics, 3D printing materials and medical and health care.

PLA 3D Printing

Medical tube pipe

JWELL Machinery provides the PLA biodegradable material blending modification service for the development and production of fully degradable catering products.While improving the high temperature resistance of PLA materials, the production efficiency is greatly improved, and the impact on the environment after disposable tableware is reduced, promoting the sustainable development of the plastics industry.From material conveying processing, feeding, extrusion, underwater granulation, vibration screening to dry post-processing and packaging, to ensure long-term stable production and technical support.

Bio degradable material2

Blow molding

Over the years, JWELL Machinery has always been committed to leading the sustainable development of rubber and plastic industry.In the field of degradable plastics, JWELL Machinery innovates and develops innovative applications of biodegradable materials blending modification, making a contribution to the cause of global environmental protection.

TPU sheet

PLA sheet3

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