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JWELL Warmly Welcome You in Thailand InterPlas

Time : 2022-06-10 Comment : 40


The 30th Thailand International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition in 2022 will be held at the BITEC Convention and Exhibition Center in Bangkok, Thailand during 22 - 25 June. In this exhibition, our company will show many equipment such as new conical twin screw extruder,medical pipe production line, three roller calender, automatic blow molding machine, etc. Among them, BKWELL company's automatic blow molding machine with advanced technology will be demonstrated on site. We sincerely invite you to visit the booth of Jwell Machinery (Booth No.: 4A31), to witness and experience the equipment innovation and service quality of Jwell Machinery's professional companies, and share the latest research results in the field of extrusion equipment.




Bkwell Intelligent Equipment (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is another important development strategy center of JWELL. It is located in Bangkaew, Bangphli, Samutprakan Province, around Bangkok, Thailand. The factory is located in Rojana Industrial Park, Pluak Daeng,Rayong Province. It covers an area of about more than 93,000 square meters. Our company is a high-tech manufacturer dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of plastic extrusion molding equipment. It has further developed the Thailand market through localized services and shortened response time, to expand the Southeast Asian market. After that,it accelerated the pace of Jwell's entry into the international market, expanded the incremental market, and enhanced the presence brand awareness of JWELL and BKWELL in Thailand and Southeast Asia.





As the third largest plastic consumer market in the ten ASEAN countries, Thailand has huge market demand and broad development prospects. Since 2004, JWELL has started the sales and service of screws and extruders in the Thai market. Jwell people felt the good will from the government and the people in Thailand, and received the support and encouragement from many customers and friends. We will adhere to the core concept of "being honest with others", and continue to create value for customers with better products and more convenient services. Even when the Covid-19 has recurred in recent years, there are still fearless Jwell people stationed in various overseas markets, actively meeting the needs of overseas customers, and winning a good reputation for the Jwell brand. Moreover, every ordinary and great Jwell people have been sticking to their posts for several years, doing things well with their hearts.





Whether it is an old friend or a new friend, all Jwell people have the same dream, that is to make Jwell's equipment spread all over the world, make Jwell's brand world-renowned, and provide the world with higher-quality products, better quality and faster service, create more value.





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