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Jwell Machinery buys German blow molding machine maker Kautex!

Time : 2024-01-11 Comment : 38

Bonn, 10.01.2024.The reorganization of Kautex Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ushered in an important milestone: Jwell Machinery Company invested in the company, thus ensuring its independent continuous operation and future development.  - Kautex Maschinenfabrik GmbH, specializing in the development and manufacturing of extrusion blow molding systems, has been extended since January 1, 2024 due to the acquisition of Jwell Machinery.


(KAUTEX company in Bonn, Germany)

"With the ... transfer of business operations, the process achieves a quick and successful close, which sets the course for a positive future for the company. The fact that this was possible in the short time ... underlines the effectiveness of the self-governing procedure as an instrument for the remediation and maintenance of companies," Boddenberg said in a statement.


(Jwell Machinery in Suzhou, China)

“With Jwell as a strong new partner for Kautex Machinery Systems GmbH, our future is bright. Jwell is a strategic fit for us, they have a strong background in plastic machinery manufacturing and have With sufficient funds to complete the transformation of Kautex, they will help us continue to deepen localized manufacturing and services, with the goal of creating a world-class market leader in the extrusion blow molding business," said Thomas, CEO of Kautex Group . Kautex is an independent operating company under Jwell Machinery.


(Mr.He HaiChao,the president of Jwell Machinery Co.,ltd)

Jwell successfully bought Germany Kautex company which is specialized in blow molding machine    We are keeping running for bright future !


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