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Jwell is attending China Waterproof Industry Conference in Beijing on 28th,May,2021

Time : 2021-05-28 Comment : 36

On 28th,May, 2021, Jwell is attending the 3rd session of China Waterproof Industry Conference in Beijing. Jwell has many years of experience of designing PE/PVC Waterproof geomembrane extrusion line.


At the beginning of 2016, China issued a new CRCC certification standard to ensure the quality of waterproofing membranes, and Jwell followed up with a new wide-width high-efficiency PE waterproofing membrane production line that meets actual production and meets the new CRCC certification standards. Jwell waterproofing geomembrane Features of the new wide-width high-efficiency PE waterproof coiled material production line: It adopts Italian brand automatic feeding system: it meets the polymer batch metering and mixing formula, the adjustment of the raw material formula is simple, the batch feeding is accurate to one thousandth, and the large batch feeding saves manpower.


Jwell’s High-efficiency and energy-saving extruder: The domestic first ultra-efficient single-screw extruder for the extrusion output of the waterproof board production line, the output of a single high-efficiency host can reach 1800KG/H per hour. For PE, EVA, TPO and other polymer materials, it is designed to disperse, mix, and plasticize uniformly. The high and low speed extrusion pressure is stable within 0.2MPa, and the energy efficiency ratio of the high-efficiency energy-saving motor is 85%.



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