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Guangzhou building expo 2021 | JWELL mechanical invitation letter

Time : 2021-07-17 Comment : 42

China Construction Expo 2021 (Guangzhou)


The 23rd China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) will be held from July 20 to 23 at the Canton Fair Pavilion in Guangzhou.Nearly 2,000 exhibitors gathered in Guangzhou to attend the event.As the biggest exhibition in the construction industry on a global scale, JWELL mechanical familiar figure still can appear under construction expo site (booth no. : 9.3-50), all-round display JWELL machinery in the field of intelligent equipment, for the construction decoration industry as a whole to innovate, research and development of high-end equipment, leading the green industry development.


Guangzhou Construction Expo is an exhibition of the whole industry chain of the construction and decoration industry. The exhibitors almost cover the top enterprises of all market segments. These enterprises release their new products, new designs, new technologies, new materials and new strategies here, which represent the highest level of industry development and reflect the latest market demand.At present, in the context of global economic slowdown, we pay more attention to the personalized needs of customers, and pay more attention to the development and changes of market segments.For many market segments, we continue to promote technological innovation in accordance with the European advanced manufacturing standards, and continue to introduce a large number of high-quality and high-performance innovative equipment in the field of building decoration and decoration equipment to actively respond to the various demands of global customers, which has promoted the continuous growth of the company's performance.

 Introduction of new materials and new products





After 24 years of innovation and development, as a national brand of Chinese machinery and equipment, JWELL Machinery has been active in the world stage in the industry in recent years.Industry insiders said that JWELL Machinery's ability in equipment manufacturing has been widely recognized, JWELL Machinery has always been high-quality products, fast delivery, reasonable price, perfect service, the ultimate experience, so that every user can achieve the maximum value, by the user's praise and trust.


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