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Jwell Special Fiber & New Material Spinning Machine

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name:JWELL
Model Number:Special Fiber
Certification:CE ISO
Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
Packaging Details:Pallet Packing
Delivery Time:60 days
Payment Terms:TTLC

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name:Special Fiber
Model Number:TPU
Certification:CE ISO

Multi-composite spinning machine

This machine is suitable for the production of polyester and polyamide and polypropylene and their modified polymer type; co-spinning, center and split thin type; POY/FDY composite long filament of orange petal type or specialized yarn type etc. Used widely for hotel cleanser, bathroom cleanser, car inner decoration, carpet, blanket and so on.

Carbon fiber spinning machine

It is mainly suitable for carbon fiber spinning. Carbon fiber is a new type of fiber material with high strength and high modulus, containing more than 95% carbon. Carbon fiber is “soft on the outside and rigid on the inside” , lighter in mass than metal aluminum, but stronger than steel, and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and high modulus, widely used in national defense, Aerospace, new lightweight automotive field and high-performance civil field.

T400 Bi-Component spinning equipment

T400 made from PET and PTT two completely different raw materials, the configuration of two sets of extruder, melt polymer pipeline, Bi-component spinning beam, Individual heating system, with a special process in spinning the equipment can be produce PET -PA6 Bi-Component yarn or lsland component yarn. T400 Bi-Component filaments belong to a new type of elastic composite fiber, without spandex but it has a better flexibility which also solved the spandex not easy in dyeing, excessive in elasticity, complex in weaving , in-stable in fabric size,and in the spandex aging or many other issues . T400 in widely used in pants, denim, sportswear, fashion women clothing and other fields.




Our main products include:

Engineering and manufacturing of Polyester POY,FDY,TCS and Spandex chemical fiber spinning machinery;

JW series: Polyester, polypropylene and polyamide POY,FDY and industrial yarn chemical fiber Spinning machine,PA6,PET composite spinning machine;

JW1260,JWA1260,JWA1380,JWA1500,JWA1680,JWA1800 series traverse cam type Automatic winders and JWAR1500,- JWAR1680,JWAR1800 series birotor type Automatic winders;

JWM20-200 Series Chemical Fiber Screw-Extruder.

Competitive Advantage

Performance and advantage: We can provide a Turnkey Project for Direct Spinning Machines

JWELL fiber machinery co., ltd(Suzhou) is an important development strategy center and manufacturing basement under the JWELL GROUP. It is located in Chengxiang Industrial area,Taicang, Suzhou City, 30 minutes far from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. It covers an area of 20 hectares, and the workshop area is 120000 square meters, equipped with CNC machines and standardized assembly workshop. More than 1000 employees, with high-quality design and R & D team and experienced mechanical and electrical commissioning engineer team.With years of rich experience in chemical fiber industry, Shanghai Jwell dedicates to the design of chemical fiber project and equipment manufacture. The machine have been sold over many countries, such as India, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Argentina and Italy and etc.


Packing & Shipping

All Jwell Machines will be packed by wooden pallet. For some important spare parts, we will pack with the wooden box. So that the machines and spare parts can arrive at Chinese customer safely. We kindly request our customer to buy the insurance before shipping the containers.


Q1: What is your production capacity
A1: We produce more than 2000 advanced extrusion lines every year world wide.

Q2: What about shipping?
A2: We can send the small spare parts by air express for urgent matter. And the complete production line by sea to save the cost. You can either use your own assigned shipping agent or our cooperative forwarder. The nearest port is China Shanghai, Ningbo port, which is convenient for maritime transportation..

Q3: Is there any pre-after sale service?
A3: Yes, we support our business partners by pre-after sale service. Jwell has more than 300 technical testing engineers traveling world wide. Any cases would be responded with prompt solutions. We provide training, testing, operation and maintenance service for a life time.

Q4:Are our business& money safe with Jwell Machinery ?
A4: Yes, your business is safe and your money is safe.  If you check China company blacklist, you will see that it is not contain our name as we never crook our customer before. JWELL enjoys high reputation from the customers and our business and customers grows year by year.


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