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Double Station Blow Molding Machine for Bottles Barrels

Place of Origin:SuZhou China
Brand Name:JWELL
Model Number:JWZ-BM12D
Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
Packaging Details:Pallet Packing
Delivery Time:75 days
Payment Terms:TTLC

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● Suitable for producing 100ml-5000ml different size of gear oil bottle, lubrication oil bottle;200ml-2000ml different size of shampoo bottle,body wash bottle,detergent bottles and others Toiletries;10ltr bottles and jerrycans etc.

● Optional multi-layer co-extrusion.

● Optional view strip line system.

● According to the product size, select different cavity of die head.

● According to the different material, optional JW-DB single station hydraulic screen-exchanger system.

● According to customer's requirement, optional auto-deflating on line, scrap conveying on line, finished product conveying online.


The factory area is of 300 acres,more than 1000 staff and 280 technical and manage-ment employees; We have a high qualified R&D andexperienced mechanical and electrical engineer teamas well as advanced processing foundation andnormative assembly shop. We supply more than 1000sets lines annually.Remote support system, 24-hour online support for the process and programmodification of new and old products.85% of the machien parts are processed by ourselves, such as screw barrel, diehead, template, opening and closing mechanism, etc., to fully ensure the quality andstability of the mechanical parts.About 2-30 liter blow molding machines, according to customer's requirement,optional auto-deflashing,on line,scrap conveying on line,finished product conveying online. About 2-30 liter blow molding machines, according to customer's requirement,optional auto-deflashing,on line,scrap conveying on line,finished product conveying online.

Max product volumeL12
Dry cyclePc/h600*2
Die head structureContinuous type
Main screw diametermm90
Max plasticizing capacity (PE)kg/h160
Driving motorKw45
Oil pump motor powerServoKw18.5
Clamping forceKN120
Space between platenmm240-640
Platen size W*Hmm450*500
Max. mold sizemm500*520
Platen moving strokemm600/650
Heating power of die headKw10
Machine dimension L*W*Hm4.2*3.2*3.0
Machine weightT12
Total powerKw90

Note:information listed above are for reference only, the production line can be designed by customer’s requirements.

Competitive Advantage

Performance and advantage:
This production line adopts the most advanced technology of Europe. It is a new research achievement of energy-saving production line, which is suitable for high speed extrusion of HDPE,PP and other polyolefin pipe. Compared with common production line, the energy-saving effect reach on 35%, and the product efficiency increase more than 1 times, thus it is not only saving the cost of site and labor force, but also improving efficiency.
This production line has nice appearance, higher automagical degree ,production reliable and stable.

Packing & Shipping

All Jwell Machines will be packed by wooden pallet. For some important spare parts, we will pack with the wooden box. So that the machines and spare parts can arrive at Chinese customer safely. We kindly request our customer to buy the insurance before shipping the containers.

集装箱运输图片 (1)
集装箱运输图片 (4)

Q1: What is your production capacity?
A1: We produce more than 2000 advanced extrusion lines every year world wide.

Q2: What about shipping?
A2: We can send the small spare parts by air express for urgent matter. And the complete production line by sea to save the cost. You can either use your own assigned shipping agent or our cooperative forwarder. The nearest port is China Shanghai, Ningbo port, which is convenient for maritime transportation.

Q3: Is there any pre-after sale service?
A3: Yes, we support our business partners by pre-after sale service. Jwell has more than 300 technical testing engineers traveling world wide. Any cases would be responded with prompt solutions. We provide training, testing, operation and maintenance service for a life time.

Q4:Are our business& money safe with Jwell Machinery ?
A4: Yes, your business is safe and your money is safe.  If you check China company blacklist, you will see that it is not contain our name as we never crook our customer before. JWELL enjoys high reputation from the customers and our business and customers grows year by year.


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